J.W L.O chapter 12

Summary 12

This chapter was most about Chris McCandless life and his family life.Chris was not like most college and high school students he keeps to him self and his books. also he didn’t really keep in touch with his family one because he doesn’t have a phone and two he doesn’t really care to keep in touch as much as his mom and dad would wont him to. another thing you would want to know about Chris is that he was very smart and was good at most of everything he would do. he only had one once in his whole life of high school and college years. Chris spent most of his time in the library and a teacher had gave him a key so he could work after hours..



Walts (his dad) has more than one family and a lot of kids

Billie is his mother who 48 his dads seconed wife

Carin his younger sister


Why he was the way he was when it came to family and school and friends. Also how his dad has more than one family. and how people acted to when they found out about his dads second family and other children


This epigram was mostly talking about how there is more to life than money and weath and riches.

W.M. Chapter 10 S.A. T.S. S.O.


The New York Times in Sept. 13, 1992 had wrote that they found a dead hiker that looked like he starved to death. They’re trying to find out who he is. Jim Gallien saw the headline that the hiker was found 25 miles west of healy. the troopers the troopers were asking if anyone might know him. They around 150 people called saying they knew him and once westerberg found out and they finally believed him. Sam read the paper and said he was Chris McCandless.


Jim Gallien- Gave him a ride & boots earlier in the story.

Bob- one of wanges friends.

Westeberg- chris worked for him. they were also good friends.

Sam – his older brother.

Walt & Billie – Chris’s parents.

Themes/Topics – A dead man was found in Alaska. They couldn’t identify him tell Westeberg, Sam told the troopers He was Chriss McCandless.


The New York Times wrote about a unidentified body found in Alaska Setptrember 13, 1992.


News paper articles

T.s chapter 9 S.a S.o W.m


speaks of evert Ruess and how he wanted to live his life away from the outside world and stay in the wilderness. Tells about his life (everet Ruess) and how he and Chris were similar because of the post cards and how he sounds like Ruess in his letters


Evert Reuss- a man that did the same as Chris superslut

Neil and Cole ruess- Everet Ruess boys


how evert Ruess is probably one of Chris notavators and how Chris did Similar things as Everet


this quote means that Ruess wanted to stay in the wild and that he found it his companion in life and that he was tired in the regular world tired of people not being able to connect to him. i connect because Chris did this because he wanted to find himself as well as Ruess


Map, letter, book expert of morman country, dialogue

L.A.O ch.13 J.W


Fish tells Carine that they have found Chris’s body so she starts crying and bursting out in tewars. They decided to leave Virginia Beach but before that they stopped at a church where she wanted to pray. The next day Carine and Sam flew into Fairbanks where they gave them Chris’s remains that his friends have given him. After that the went to Anchorage were Chris was cremated. Then they flew into Maryland. There Carine,Billie had lost ten and eight pounds that day Billie decided to look at the picture album and she started cryin and told god why why he had done that.


Billie Carines mom  is tiny and forty-eight-year-old.

Carine who is similar and relly close to Chris is twenty-seven-year-old.


The epigram means to never look backin the past and to just keep moving on to your dream and to do whatever you want to do.


Non fiction



Summary: First what happened is that Walt married the 1st time and had 1 child.And he talked about more about Walt and McCandaless, Walt then married a 2 time and two more children and McCandless likes the light and nature.

Characters:Billie & Walt-strict and high acheivers and loving family (close to their family).

Themes/Topics:Some subjects covered where that his dad Walt had two familys. And another subject covered was alot about Chris being succesful when he was young.

Epigram:Frombeing to always be led on to independent nobody around thats when you will find your absolute life,truth,and beauty. It relates to this chapter because as Chris grows up from his child hood he wants to be independent and knows his absolutes in life.


Chapter six J.W A.L


Chris mccandless ran into a man named Ronald Franz Jan 1992 in Anza_barrgo desert state park. where he had him take him to “oh my god hot springs” where he was staying at the time a half a mile out from where the hippies and everyone else stayed. After a couple of weeks of staying with Ron they got to know each very well. weeks later Chris told Ron that he was getting ready to leave the next Monday coming up and he was going to head for Seattle where he was going to find work. He left and got there by train where he was almost thrown in jail for riding the trains. He ended back in California where Ron stayed but he was in jail bcause  he got caught again riding the trains. He had Ron drop him off in Colorado Grand Junction where he would walk to South Dakota where he would find work.


Ronald Franz was an eighty year old man who lived between California and Arizona and was once married but his wife and only son was killed while he was overseas on duty buy a drunk driver. after that he became an hard drinker for a couple of years. he soon got his life together and now manages apartments free of rent.


The theme was to to teach and show his friend to become a more adventurous person and to just be a free person. As it says in page 57-The joy of  life comes from our encounters…….And to gave an endesely changing horizon


the epigram means to look at nature and appreciate nature and love life. Also the passage highlighted in one of the books found with Chris McCandless’s remains.

Chapter 7 S.O , T.S , L.M


Alex graduated from college and always had a dream to go to Alaska. One of Alex’s friend named Westerberg introduced him to one of his girl friends named Gail Borah and got together. The only person in his family he talked to was his sister Carine, his parents were so irrational. Westerberg wanted him to stay a little and he will give him a ticket to Alaska but he said no because his dream was to go to Alaska by April.


 In chapter 7 there are three new characters their names are Borah, Westerberg, and Carine. Borah is Alex girlfriend that he and she both liked each other a lot. Westerberg is one of Alex’s good friend and is always concerned about him. Carine is Alex’s sister the only one in his family he talks to.


Alex was celibate because he decided that going to Alaska is hid passion before sex. He didn’t want to go to Alaska on plane and left town with 1000 dollars in his boot and he leaves his notebook and pictures.


Alex choose not to have sex because his dream and passion came before it. He had a good relationship with the people in Cathage but he left them.